July 2013 - LISUNGI GIE signs with the Inter-trade Union of the Public sector.
In his speech, the spokesman of the Inter-trade Union of the Public Administration, Rashidi Kayombo explained that the assistance of LISUNGI GIE given to the officials and state employees registered at the Department of Employment, Labor and Social Welfare through the PNPS (National Program for Support to the Social Security) focuses on health care and funeral expenses, as provided in Articles 42 and 45 of the law on the status of the career staff of the State public services (Law 81/ 003 of 17 July 1981).

April 2013 – The LISUNGI GIE protocol agreement is signed with the Kimbanguists.
The Church Kimbanguiste signed the protocol agreement with LISUNGI GIE, promoting access to health care for their parishioners though referenced hospital re furnished in medical equipment. The signatory representative welcomed the considerable progress, showing a real willingness to move towards the welfare of his contemporaries.

February 2013 - Presentation of LISUNGI GIE to the government...
On the 8th February 2013 at the Congo River Hotel, LISUNGI GIE presented its micro - insurance policy system in response to the needs and recurring claims of the officers and civil servants in the field of social security. This date is the omen of sustainable and credible partnership in favor of social policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a partnership between officers and state officials, LISUNGI and the PNPS on behalf of the government.

January 2013 – Donation of equipment to the Ministry of Public Service for its Medical Department.
In the context of its project for the support of the deployment of Social Security for staff and state officials, LISUNGI GIE makes hardware donations to the major hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is one of the additional benefits of the program of micro - insurance implemented in partnership with the National Program for Support to the Social Security, PNPS , which is a structure under the Ministry of Employment, Labor and Social Welfare.
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