LISUNGI: the health care guarantee adapted to the Congolese context

Since 2012, LISUNGI offers companies, organizations and individuals in Kinshasa a guarantee of effective and economical health care coverage adapted to the realities and complexity of the Congolese market.

Whether you are an individual, an organization or a company, LISUNGI allows you to better manage your health care budget.

LISUNGI offers several monthly price packages namely: $ 25, $ 35, $ ​​65, $ 75, $ 90, $ 125, $ 175 per family. A LISUNGI contribution covers a family of 6 people.

LISUNGI directly supports medical consultations, laboratory examinations, medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, surgical interventions, childbirth and certain acts of specialized medicine with the hospitals, depending on the formula chosen.

The network of LISUNGI contracted hospitals is made up of around twenty medical centers spread across the various municipalities of Kinshasa. Each insured family chooses a medical center near their home.

To choose the best option and the hospital that best suits your means, we invite you to make an appointment with our sales department.

  • Phone. +243 817 109 437
  • E-mail:
  • or visit us at the BUO building, Avenue Wagenia n ° 218-220, Kinshasa Gombe.

LISUNGI’s network of hospitals

CENTRE MEDICAL DE LA MONGALA Avenue de la Mongala n°48 Gombe
CLINIQUE NGALIEMA Avenue Papa Ileo (ex des Cliniques) Gombe
CLINIQUE ASTRYD Avenue Mpeti n°9 Gombe
HOPITAL SAINT JOSEPH Petit Boulevard Lumumba, Limete Résidentiel, entre la 14e et la 15e rue Limete
CLINIQUE RAPHA 11eme Rue Limete industriel (ref. Service Air) Limete
CLINIQUE PROMEDIS LIMETE 10ème rue Limete Industriel n°23C Limete
CIK – CLINIQUE IK Avenue Kwango, n°3, Kintambo Ngaliema
NGALIEMA MEDICAL CENTER Avenue de la montagne n°4197, Kintambo Magasin Ngaliema
CLYDES Avenue Kasa Vubu n°5207 Bandalungwa
CLINIQUE PROMEDIS DEBONHOMME Avenue Tshiboko n°114, Quartier Debonhomme, 1ère rue Matete
CMG CENTRE MÉDICAL GOMBELE Avenue Général Ikuku n°8, Quartier Righini, Proche du rond point Ngaba Lemba
CLINIQUE DE L’ESPOIR Avenue Du Mont Des Arts n°5 Lingwala
HOPITAL SINO-CONGOLAIS Avenue Kimbuta, Quartier 7 Ndjili
CLINIQUE PROMEDIS KINKOLE Avenue Kakenza n°2, quartier Copela-Plazza N’sele
CENTRE HOSPITALIER MONKOLE Avenue Ngafani n°4808 Mont Ngafula
DE SMET HOSPITAL Avenue de l’école n°2, Brikin Kinsuka

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LISUNGI is a partner of the Vice-Prime Minister and of Employment, Labor and Social Welfare created in 2005 by Presidential Decree No. 05/176 of November 24, 2005. The objectives of this partnership are:

  • Extend the coverage of social protection;
  • Improve the quality of social services;
  • Establish and manage a system of universal health care coverage;
  • Make social protection effective for all.