Development of computer applications RICOTECH

RICOTECH is a department of the BUO group led by a team of Congolese developers. They design dedicated applications for the BUO group or for third-party customers, considering the constraints specific to the Congolese context.

Here is the presentation of two projects currently operational.


ACADEMICO is software developed for Congolese higher education institutions (EES) such as ISC (Institut Supérieur de Commerce) and ISP (Institut Supérieur Pédagogique).

Objective of the application to improve academic management.

It is available to students and teaching staff to:

  • Control student numbers.
  • Manage the cash registers for the payment of fees.
  • Facilitate deliberation.
  • Establish communication between the HEI and the students.
  • Print badges with barcode for students and EES agents.

ACADEMICO is an Android (smartphone) application that runs in PHP. The data is hosted on the EES local server with a replica in the cloud. It is a financing of the BUO Group


HOITO is an application developed for the LISUNGI program of the BUO group. LISUNGI is a guaranteed health care service that works with around twenty hospitals in Kinshasa.

It is operated by:

1 / BUO LISUNGI agents for:

  • Perform customer invoicing.
  • Manage the stock of pharmaceutical products in our pharmacies.
  • Manage client hospital costs.
  • Follow the tracking of visits by insured persons to the hospital.
  • Save a medical certificate for each insured patient.
  • Print the individual badges of the insured.

2 / The companies which are announced to LISUNGI for the health care of their staff can:

  • View their bills and payments.
  • Follow up on their agents.

3 / Affiliated hospitals:

  • Identification of patients with their badge upon arrival at the hospital.
  • Doctors have access to each patient’s medical business.

HOITO is an application that runs in PHP. The data is hosted in the cloud. It is a financing of the BUO Group